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Monday, November 17, 2008

Domestic Abuse PLR Articles

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Here are 5-400 plus PLR articles on Domestic Abuse and Domestic Violence for $10. Only 20 sets will be sold.

Keyword: domestic abuse
Word count: 401

How Does Domestic Abuse Affect Children

Domestic abuse affects children the same way it affects the person being abused. It is terrifying and can leave scars for life. Children that witness domestic abuse can grow up to be the abuser or they can grow up thinking that being abused is a way to live.

Keyword: domestic abuse
Word count: 408

Should You Live With Domestic Abuse For The Kids

Many parents stay in domestically abusive situations for the sake of the kids. What they feel is that the kids need both parents. Although, it is true that kids need their parents in their lives, it is not healthy for kids to be raised in homes where domestic abuse is happening.

Keyword: domestic abuse
Word count: 412

Why Do Women Live With Domestic Abuse

Women live with domestic abuse for many different reasons. The main reason is that they feel they cannot support themselves and their children. Another reason is that they feel it is their fault that the abuse is happening.

Keyword: domestic abuse
Word count: 402

Why Do Men Live With Domestic Abuse

Men have different reasons for living with domestic violence. Many men stay in these types of relationships because it is easier than admitting to friends and family that their wives are abusing them.

Keyword: domestic violence
Word count: 417

How To Leave Domestic Violence Behind

Leaving domestic violence behind is not always easy, but it is something that has to be done to save yourself and your children. Many times, it is hard to leave, but it has to be done in order for the abuse to stop.

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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bankruptcy Articles PLR Aticles

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The price is $10 for 5-500 word articles on bankruptcy. There will only be 20 sold.

Keyword: Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
Word Count: 502

Understanding Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is completely different from chapter 7. When you file for chapter 13, you are making a plan to repay your debts instead of forgiving all of them. The creditors will get some money. However, the amount that you owe in debt will determine how much if any the creditors will receive.

Keyword: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Word Count: 507

What Happens With a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

When you file a chapter 7 bankruptcy, you are asking the creditors and the court to forgive all of your debt. The only downfall to filing this type of bankruptcy is that you will undoubtedly have to surrender all your assets to the trustee for a sale.

Keyword: File Bankruptcy
Word Count: 505

What You Need To File Bankruptcy

When you are considering filing for bankruptcy, you will need to supply a lawyer all the needed information to start a bankruptcy filing. What you need for a bankruptcy is bank statements, pay stubs for all income, titles to vehicles, documents pertaining to 401K, pension and IRS accounts as well as all debts.

Keyword: Bankruptcy Attorney
Word Count: 510

Looking For A Bankruptcy Attorney

When you are contemplating bankruptcy, you will need to find a bankruptcy attorney. Looking for a bankruptcy lawyer can be time consuming, but it does not have to be that way. You need to keep a few tips in mind when looking for the attorney.

Keyword: Bankruptcy
Word Count: 506

Saving Your Home During A Bankruptcy

Do you own a home? Are you considering filing for bankruptcy? You need to take steps to protect your home if you want to keep it. First off, you can keep your home if you file a chapter 13 and have enough income to cover the monthly payment for three to five years until your debts are paid.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dieting PLR Articles

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Here are some Dieting articles. There are 10-500 words articles for $10.

Keyword: Cabbage Soup Diet
Word Count: 532

Understanding The Cabbage Soup Diet

There are many diets in the world today. Choosing between the diets is one of the most difficult things you will do if you are interested in loosing weight. The thing you have to keep in mind when you diet is your health. While some diets say, you will lose weight in seven days by the diet you need to realize it can compromise your health. You see if you lose weight to fast you can compromise you health.

Keyword: low carb diet
Word Count: 504

Explaining The Low Carb Diet

There are several thousand different diets out there. The choice we all have to make is the diet that will work for our body type. We first need to understand how our body handles certain foods and what it means to us. For instance, many people tend to head for the carbohydrates when we are tired, in the hopes of increasing our energy. The downside to this is the inability to burn all of the carbohydrates we take in.

Keyword: liquid diet
Word Count: 512

What Is The Liquid Diet

Dieting has become extremely important to all of us. Television ads, billboards, and books have made the way into the media on diets to make all of us pause and think about loosing weight. The trouble with the “new diets” that appear is having to choose what diet will work for you. Some diets can even be harmful for you.

Keyword: Safe Dieting
Word Count: 500

Always Practice Safe Dieting

With the many diets in the market today, the question on everyone’s mind is how to diet safely. Safe dieting is considered a diet that does not use diet pills, but includes exercise and a healthy diet. In other words if you are eating health meals and exercising you are practicing safe dieting. If you are using diet pills, may even be addicted to diet pills, not eating, or even experiencing bulimia you are subjecting your body to unhealthy dieting practices. The components of safe dieting will be analyzed below.

Keyword: carbohydrates in dieting
Word Count: 505

Carbohydrates In Dieting

The Atkins diet and many other low carb diets have told you to eliminate carbohydrates completely. They have told you to have an all protein diet, but did this work for everyone? Did it cause health problems? In some cases yes, these low carb diets were found to be detrimental to a person’s health. The idea of carbohydrates in dieting is important.

Keyword: green tea and dieting
Word Count: 512

Green Tea And Dieting

Green tea and dieting is important to your over all health. You will also find that you are losing weight without working too hard. You may find you do not need as much exercise or that you have more energy to actually complete the exercise. The idea behind green tea and dieting is to help you feel better and live a healthier life.

Keyword: alcohol and dieting
Word Count: 516

Alcohol And Dieting- Do They Go Together

Alcohol and dieting should not be synonymous. In fact, alcohol and dieting do not go together at all unless you consider cutting the alcohol from your diet. Most alcoholic beverages will actually increase your weight, especially beer. You may find that when you cut the alcohol from your diet you lose weight without even trying

Keyword: dieting plans
Word Count: 500

Dieting Plans Can Help You Lose Weight

First, how many of you have tried a diet and found it to be unsuccessful or only successful while you stick to the plan? I bet there are, at least, seventy percent of those reading this article that have found those results. This is why there are several types of dieting plans out there. You are given a choice in dieting plans so you can find what is most successful and healthy for you.

Keyword: dangers of dieting
Word Count: 519

The Dangers Of Dieting

Do you know someone who had a lot of health problems after dieting? Maybe you found you had health related issues after dieting. There are many dangers of dieting that you should be aware depending on the plan you choose. The idea of dieting should really be looked at fully when you consider the dangers of dieting and the plan you will follow.

Keyword: exercising and dieting
Word Count: 518

Exercising And Dieting: The Best Method

Are you tired of trying diets advertised on television and not having any success? Maybe you are tired of seeing all of these fit individuals and wondering how they can do it when you have tried every diet known to man? There are many reasons you are seeking a diet that will help you lose weight and keep it off. The idea behind many of the diets is to lose weight quickly.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Dog Grooming PLR Articles

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Here are some Dog Grooming articles. There are 10-500 words articles for $10.

Keyword: basics of dog grooming
Word Count: 531

The Basics Of Dog Grooming

First, you need to know how to work with dogs while you are grooming them. Some dogs will stand still for the dog grooming procedures, others however do not wish to stand still and go through the process. Below are a few tips on the basics of dog grooming that you should know, even if you are taking your pet to a qualified grooming service.

Keyword: dog grooming career
Word Count: 511

Basics For A Dog Grooming Career

A dog grooming career will start with a very basic principle. You must love dogs. You do not want to choose a career where you will be stuck working with something you do not like. This is just a common sense idea.

Keyword: dog grooming equipment
Word Count: 500

The Right Dog Grooming Equipment

The dog grooming equipment you use on a dog may be slightly different from what you use on a cat, but for the most part, they are the same. When you are looking for dog grooming equipment, start with the brushes. There are three styles available for dog grooming equipment, the slicker, wire-pin and the bristle brush.

Keyword: dog grooming kit
Word Count: 513

What Is A Dog Grooming Kit

Dogs require a lot of attention and therefore if you do not take your dog to a dog grooming facility then you should have a dog grooming kit. You may be familiar with a few of the things you need to do in order to keep your dog well groomed or you may not. If you have questions about what should be in a dog grooming kit then you will want to keep reading.

Keyword: dog grooming tips
Word Count: 503

Learn Some Important Dog Grooming Tips

Some dog grooming tips are helpful when you decide to do your own grooming. If your dog has special cuts to the coat, you can successfully groom your dog if you follow some important dog grooming tips. The first of the dog grooming tips is having the proper supplies. You will need brushes, clippers, shampoo, combs and a special nail clipper.

Keyword: dog grooming and boarding
Word Count: 519

Dog Grooming And Boarding Requirements

Your dog is part of your family so when you go on vacation you want to make sure your dog is happy where ever you are going to leave him or her. While it can be traumatic for them to be left at a dog grooming and boarding facility it is often a better place to leave them than at home

Keyword: dog grooming concerns
Word Count: 503

Understanding Dog Grooming Concerns

Many of the reputable dog groomers have legitimate dog grooming concerns. The leader in dog grooming concerns seems to be biting dogs. As you know, a dog will bite for various reasons. If they are scared, do not like you, or if you scare them. Even the gentlest dog will bite under the right circumstances

Keyword: dog grooming jobs
Word Count: 503

Dog Grooming Jobs: How To Find Them

Are you interested in finding dog grooming jobs, but you do not know where to look? It is actually easier than you may think. Most dog grooming training schools can help you find dog grooming jobs for you to choose from. The key to finding dog grooming jobs is to have the qualifications you need.

Keyword: dog grooming salon
Word Count: 514

Choosing A Dog Grooming Salon

When choosing a dog grooming salon, you want to find one that is clean, licensed and has qualified groomers. Some dog groomers open up shop as professionals without the proper training. You can inquire about licenses with your local clerk of courts as well, the dog grooming salon should have the license displayed for public viewing.

Keyword: dog washing and grooming
Word Count: 504

What You Need From A Dog Grooming Experience: Dog Washing And Grooming

Do you feel you need a person to help you groom your dog? Dog washing and grooming can take a lot of your time where you could be doing other things. If you feel you need a person to groom your dog then there are things you need to know about dog washing and grooming to pick the right service for you.

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Home decorating 1 PLR Aticles

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Here are 10-500 word PLR articles on home decorating 1. Pay $10.

Keyword: Baby decorating ideas
Word Count: 500

Baby Decorating Ideas Are Just As Fun To Do As Having A Baby

When you are expecting a baby there are many things you get to look forward too. One of those is decorating your baby’s room. When you consider baby decorating ideas you will want to keep in mind that safety is the most important factor.

Keyword: Christmas decorating
Word Count;500

Enjoy Some Holiday Fun With Christmas Decorating

Every year there are several thousand individuals that look forward to Christmas decorating. If you are looking for tips for this year or something a little different, you may want to look at the ideas below for inspiration. You may have the same decorations, but you can change how they look on the tree and around the house. Who says that Christmas decorating has to be the same every year?

Keyword: bathroom interior decorating
Word Count: 500

Bathroom Interior Decorating Ideas On A Budget

When you are looking for new bathroom interior decorating ideas, you may find that the simplest design is the best. Even if you are on a budget for bathroom interior decorating you will find there are plenty of options open to you, especially if you know where to look. EBay,, online stores, and even hobby lobby can help you decorate your bathroom if you are on a budget.

Keyword: Decorating your living room
Word Count: 502

Decorating Your Living Room Ideas For Comfort

Are you looking for a few new decorating tips for your living room? We often get tired of the way things look, especially when we have been looking at them for ten years. If you are interested in decorating your living room you are probably looking through magazines, online, and watching television shows that are offering you modern decorating ideas.

Keyword: feng shui interior decorating
Word Count: 500

Using Feng Shui Interior Decorating

Feng Shui interior decorating is something that can be great for your interior decorating in that it helps to bring a level of balance to the room that you are designing. Everything blends in a room that has undergone Feng Shui interior decorating. Here is a look at how this will work.

Keyword: bathroom decorating ideas
Word Count: 504

So Many Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Are you tired of the white walls in your bathroom? Have you tried to add pictures, flowers, candles, or even different paint? All of these ideas and more can help you redecorate your bathroom for a pleasing atmosphere.

Keyword: decorating bedroom ideas
Word Count: 507

Decorating Bedroom Ideas For The Entire Family

Are you tired of your bedroom design? Are you looking for new decorating bedroom ideas to help you feel at home without spending anything on new furniture? The best thing about decorating bedroom ideas is that you often have the materials you need or can gain them easily enough without spending your entire paycheck. If you are looking for some new decorating bedroom ideas, you may want to look in some magazines.

Keyword: room decorating
Word Count: 505

What You Can Do About Room Decorating

Are you getting ready for company or do you just want to change the look of a room? There are many room decorating ideas that you can find online, in stores, in magazines, or on television. You may even have an innate style for room decorating.

Keyword: nursery decorating ideas
Word Count: 510

Popular Themes For Nursery Decorating Ideas

One of the most pleasant times in your life can be preparing the nursery for your new arrival. Nurseries are meant to be cozy, safe, and happy. When you are searching for the best nursery decorating ideas, you may wish to consider a few of the below ideas. You may take nursery decorating ideas from your personal tastes or popular characters of today.

Keyword: interior decorating for homes
Word count: 510

Using Interior Decorating for Homes to Make Your Home More Attractive

You can easily make your home more inviting and more enjoyable by using interior decorating for homes. There are all sorts of different things to use for interior decorating for homes, which can make your home attractive and exciting.

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Home decorating 2 PLR Aticles

Here are Home Decorating 2 articles. 10-500 word articles for $10.

Keyword: Decorating with flair and sophistication
Word Count: 503

Decorating With Flair And Sophistication

With all of the work that you may have to do for interior design, you should know that you could use all kinds of great tips to give your home more beauty and luxury. Decorating with flair and sophistication is easy to handle in that it makes your home more comfortable and more enjoyable to be in.

Keyword: ideas for decorating
Word Count: 500

Ideas For Decorating With A Flare

Are you looking for new ideas for decorating? Decorating can be wonderful, fun pastime for your home, backyard, or even the front of your house. When you are searching for ideas for decorating you will find there are plenty of simple and inexpensive ideas out there if you know where to look.

Keyword: interior decorating design
Word Count; 504

Using Interior Decorating Design To Make A Room More Impressive

Interior decorating design as it can be used to help make a room look more attractive and add to the beauty of the entire house as a home. There are various different ways on how interior decorating design can be used to take care of the design of a room.

Keyword: interior decorating tips
Word Count: 522

Useful Interior Decorating Tips

No matter what room you are looking at for interior decorating, there are various interior decorating tips that can be used to help make your home more beautiful. Some of them can be as simple as where you place the furniture and other materials in your home. Others can involve the paints and lights you use in your home.

Keyword: modern decorating ideas
Word Count: 502

Some Great Modern Decorating Ideas

Are you hoping to redecorate your home or perhaps decorate a new home? Part of decorating is finding the decorating ideas that will fit well within your home and budget. One style of decorating you may wish to undertake is to consider the modern décor.

Keyword: house decorating
Word Count: 504

House Decorating Ideas For The Entire Home

There are many places that you can find house decorating ideas. Magazines, online, and even your friends can help you find decorating tips for your new home. Even if you are just looking for redecorating tips for your home you will be able to find ideas in almost everywhere you look.

Keyword: interior decorating
Word Count: 507

Learning About Interior Decorating

You do not have to be an interior designer to know how to do a little interior decorating. In fact, it is all about your preferences. You are the only one who can decide how to decorate your interior home.

Keyword: interior decorating styles
Word Count: 505

What Interior Decorating Styles Are Best For Your Home

There are various different interior decorating styles that can be used in your home. Some of them can be based on styles that are common in certain parts of the world while others can be reflective of a certain historical period in time.

Keyword: kids decorating ideas
Word Count: 500

The Perfect Kids Decorating Ideas

When you are looking for ideas to decorating your kid’s room, you will want to weight in every possibility. When looking for kids decorating ideas you need to be aware of what your children love as well as what you can afford. You may be able to create your kids decorating ideas from their personal interests for a simple cost if you know where to look.

Keyword: outdoor decorating ideas
Word Count: 511

Many Wonderful Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Your backyard or even front yard is important to the overall appearance of your home. This means you do not have to wait until those holidays roll around to find outdoor decorating ideas that will please both you and your neighbor

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